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Can't Stop Won't Stop Sweatshirt

belovedwear® presents the #Cant Stop Wont Stop by James Marsh.

Take this and soak in a historic Miley moment. Remember where you were. How you felt. Whose face you were twerking onto. This is a part of your life. Not buying this is like burning a photo album in front of your mother’s eyes. Don’t be a bad human. Buy this, cherish it, put it in a glass case and charge people an appropriate amount of money to look at it from a safe distance.

This "all over" print crewneck sweatshirt is made using a special sublimation technique to provide a vivid graphic image throughout the shirt.

• 100% Polyester

• All Over Photographic Print

• Made in USA

(In order to allow us to provide many different print styles in our store, we only produce small quantities of T-Shirts instead of stocking up on large amounts of each design. So our store is setup to "print to order" - meaning after you submit your order, we will then have your shirt printed and sent out to you after its finished)